3D-Mesh Lower

300,000 د.ك


It allows the biomaterial to adapt perfectly to the patient’s bone anatomy and reduces the duration of surgery, thereby enhancing the success of bone regeneration.

The 3D-MESH bone regeneration mesh is an implantable medical device made to measure for each single patient, in compliance with Directive 93/42/EEC and its subsequent amendments and integrations. It is used by dentists in GBR procedures and it is applied where there is the need to make up for the lack of autologous bone of edentulous patients.

The specific purpose of the GBR mesh is to keep the regeneration material inside the bone defect cavity identified by the clinician and to guide the remodelling process according to specifically defined morphology and volume parameters. Furthermore, the device permits to keep the bone tissue separate from the soft tissue, thereby protecting the inserted biomaterial and favouring bone regeneration.

3D-MESH is developed based on the clinician’s plan and it is made in compliance with the specific treatment needs of each individual patient.