Zcore Form Moldable Collagen-Enriched Xenograft (ZF050)

50,000 د.ك

  • 80% xenograft particulate and 20% porcine collagen by volume (90% xenograft and 10% collagen by weight)
  • Zcore Form hydrates almost immediately when introduced to the patient’s blood or sterile saline
  • Once hydrated, Zcore Form becomes moldable and can take the shape of a variety of defect shapes and sizes
  • Zcore particulate’s interconnecting macroscopic and microscopic porous structure supports the formation and ingrowth of new bone
  • The Zcore particles contained in Zcore Form have an 88% void space – this hyper-porosity of the cancellous matrix and intra-particle space facilitated by rough particle morphology reduces bulk density of the graft, allowing greater empty space for new bone growth
  • ZF050 (9 mm diam. x 8 mm) 0.5 CC

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